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Where to stay in Ostuni, Puglia

I had this pleasure to stay in the heart of the white city in Ostuni. This is something that everyone needs to put on their bucket list, as it's full of magic and it's just simply beautiful.

All those flats, houses in the old, white city are very specific. And even if the door is really small from outside, there is a lot of space inside.
My choice was L'argumento Casa Vacanze. Lovely, stylish and cozy space in the heart of the white city, where literally after 1 min walk you can find yourself on this pretty square, will small bars, cafes, and gelateria. Anything you need is there. Souvenir shop, cool bag shops and beautiful restaurants with the best food in the world. Short walk distance to beautiful cathedral, bars (my 3 favs are:  Gipas 111Riccardo Caffe & Madrif )

In L'argumento Casa you feel like home. House is furnished & decorated with the South Italian style. 
I really like this focus on details, to make sure that you don't spend the only night on …

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