Best about Puglia - 13 reasons WHY?

I am so in love with this place. Ostuni it's the place, where time stopped, food it's always fresh and you feel inspired.

Imagine small, white streets, where you literally want to get lost.  

Slowly, slowly I will take you to this magic place. Let me bring you something on the table. My top 13, why I love Puglia and why you should visit it! 

1. Small streets and nonna in front of their houses. They are either creating beautiful white tablecloths or enjoying the company of nonnas from the neighborhood. 

2. You need fresh pane? Go to any forno (bakery!!)  and get it straight away from the wood fire oven!   ( and smells so good too!) 

3. Fancy focaccia? With olives, wild broccoli, tomato or other thousands flavor more? 

4. Amazing red wines! My favorite is Primitivo and price start from as little as £5 in the shop. Well don't judge me by the price of my favorite wine, just come over and try it.  Of course, you might find Primitivo for £75 too...  This wine just shows how tasty Puglia is.

5.  Imagine fresh panini with prosciutto and mozzarella! You can get it for £2 with any cheese you want and any meat you want, freshly made in front of you, in almost all of the Salumeria.   

P.S Remember that all of those lovely shop assistants are talkative so you can know more every single visit :) 

6. Pugliesi, well like all Italians are up to trends and fashion, so all the small boutiques offer clothes even from £5, and don't trust price on the price tag, the owner always make offerta  (offer) (ofc I have private shops only on my mind) 

7. The market, here, in Ostuni is every Saturday. Loud, great prizes, but at the same time you can find some pearls :) MUST!

8. People in Puglia have time. Opening hours on the door says 5PM? Give yourself more time, as shop owner need some time too... to have an espresso before work! Don't expect him at 5PM! 

9. Aperitivo is something what you usually get before any meal ( should be before lunch, but if you have such an amazing food to offer why not to extend it?)  it cost around £9 and for me works more like a massive starter, literally massive, because I need to wait for main like an hour...

10. Aperol Spritz. Weather, beautful streets, quite music and perfect Aperol Spritz.... 

11. Olive trees, country side and this historical small streets in between big lands !

12. Sea Side! 

13. It's good to be lost even somewhere on the hill and enjoy the bretahtaking view.




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